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Harlequin Printing & Packaging

Harlequin Print & Packaging

Established in 1997, Harlequin Printing and Packaging has transformed into a premier producer of high-quality direct and indirect food contact cartons. Holding an esteemed ‘AA’ BRC rating, we are dedicated to continual improvement in both quality and efficiency while maintaining cost competitiveness.

As experts in sustainable packaging, we actively strive to minimise plastic usage. Our offerings include plastic-free barrier technologies and film window patching, contributing to a more eco-friendly approach.

By choosing Harlequin, you’re selecting a UK-based family business with a solid reputation, earned through our commitment to quality, adaptability, continuous investment and strong customer relations.

Overwhelmed by packaging choices? We’re here to help. Our experienced sales team and product design studio collaborate to create tailored samples for your product.

Together, we ensure the ideal carton style, perfect print finishes, and optimised packing before manufacturing begins. No matter the size of your project or business – we’d love to help make your vision a reality.

Harlequin Print & Packaging
Harlequin Print & Packaging

At the heart of our B1 workflow lies the dynamic Heidelberg Speedmaster. Capable of handling substrates ranging from delicate 80gsm paper to robust 700mic folding box board, this printing powerhouse seamlessly navigates through a diverse array of materials with unparalleled precision and ease.

Discover a range of embellishments to elevate your products. Whether you desire added depth through embossing, a touch of shimmer with foil, or texture with lamination and Spot UV, we have the perfect options to transform your packaging.

The Bobst Die Cutter stands out in its ability to cut and crease a wide range of substrates, spanning from fragile 80gsm sheets to robust Litho Laminated Flutes. It ensures impeccable precision in every cut, crease, and perforation, facilitated by micro-adjustments throughout the machine.

Features such as continuous feed for uninterrupted production, pre-make ready tables, speed strip, and traction systems contribute to its efficient performance.

Harlequin Print & Packaging
Harlequin Print & Packaging

Thanks to our cutting-edge Bobst Visionfold glue machines, we effortlessly manufacture straight line and crash lock designs, in addition to 2, 4, and 6 corner configurations, with hot melt or cold glue adhesives. The versatility doesn’t stop there – we expertly handle conical and irregular shapes with precision.

Complementing our advanced glue lines is a state-of-the-art nesting tray machine. This innovative technology effortlessly crafts glued erect trays, serving as an eco-friendly and popular alternative to plastic trays commonly found in food retail packaging.

Furthermore, our Heiber Schroeder window patcher can patch cartons using 36mic to 96mic film with flawless accuracy. Choose from standard polyester-based films or eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives, allowing your product to take centre stage.


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