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Confectionary Packaging Made Easy

23 Jan 2019

If you are in the sweet business, then we understand just how competitive this ever-moving market is, having been supplying confectionary food packaging to local, national and international manufacturers for many years now.     Creating a memorable unboxing experience     Due to the competitive nature of the modern confectionary market, consumers want to spend th...


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Food Menu Printing 101

06 Feb 2019

At Harlequin, we are an all-service print company, supporting all sorts of clients with all sorts of print requests. However, in recent years, we have forged great relationships with food establishments across the country, being a sought-after supplier of menu printing solutions.  From high-end restaurants to local fish and chip shops, we are thrilled to be celebrating our clients’ culi...


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Packaging Definitions Demystified

23 Jan 2019

The subject of responsible packaging has been on everyone's radar over the past two years. From UK Government pledging to reduce plastic consumption to food manufacturers investing in packaging solutions that are branded ‘sustainable’ and ‘recyclable’, it seems everyone is making a conscious effort to revise tour relationship with packaging.  However, as we enter a new...


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Why Print Should be your Focus for 2019

31 Dec 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, most businesses will be looking ahead, exploring ways in which they can streamline their businesses in the new year. For most companies, marketing will be a big focus, wanting to streamline and improve the way to promote their products/services.  Here at Harlequin, we are thrilled to see more brands placing print advertising as a priority for 2019, with Welsh brands ...


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