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How Printing can Enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy



How Printing can Enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy

12 Sep 2018

Over the years, we have all heard the rumours that print is dying. However, here at Harlequin, we have seen no such signs, with the demand for printing solutionsin Wales growing year-on-year. In our opinion, the rise in digital marketing has only heightened the appetite for print, with people wanting something tangible that can cut through the constant messages and digital noise of modern-day life.  


Through this article we paint a picture of ways in which businesses can effectively combine print and digital marketing, creating campaigns that grow audiences both on and offline.  

Feature a 'call to action' on your printed materials  


Likewith any marketing effort, you need a clear call to action, allowing youraudience to know what they have to do and how they can respond. Whether this be on a flyer, brochure, billboard or even a business card, it's essential that you include an email address or a URL. What many businesses are now doing is using trackable URLs, allowing them to measure the effectiveness of a printcampaign by assessing how many people type in a particularURL and land on their website.  


Social media  


There are many waysin which you can leverage social mediawhen running a print campaign. From taking images of your prints to distribute the messages to an online audience to featuring your Twitter handle on your prints to increase follower numbers. This is why when designing your printed materials, think of how you can promote the same message on social media. 


Q codes 


Q codes basically work in the same way as a barcode does.However, these are found on materials that can be scanned on smartphones, allowing those scanning to access additional information. Here at Harlequin, we have seen a huge increase in appetite for Q codes incorporated into prints. These include cards, posters, flyers and even banners, with businesses reaping the benefits of a combined digital/print campaign. Whether the Q Code be diverting traffic to a company website or presenting mobile-users with campaign-specific adverts, Q Codes effectively bridge the gap between physical and digital.  


Looking for printing solutions? If so, contact us at Harlequin today and allow one of our experienced sales representatives to talk you through the many possibilities at hand.  












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